The Executive Facilitator Academy

Creating Executive-Level Facilitators for the Boardroom and Beyond

We Believe...

  • Meetings are one of the few processes that impact every area of your company and if you improve this one process, you’ll see significant and positive change.

  • A leaders’ value in meetings comes from participation rather than facilitating.  Leaders need to be focused on drawing out conflict, looking for consensus and building the creativity of the team, rather than on running the meeting agenda.

  • Truly powerful meetings pair an enlightened Executive with a skilled facilitator to design for and deliver results. 


Why is that important?  Just take a moment to calculate the cost of your next meeting – your time, attendee’s time, use of space, etc.  The cost on an annual basis can be expensive.  So it’s important that the time spent in meetings is actually productive and leads to necessary results.  Unfortunately that’s not always the case.


​The Executive Facilitator Academy is all about awareness, choice and transformation.   It will help you, as leaders, become intentional and deliberate when engaging others.  It gives you the tools to design conversations – both one on one and in groups - that are purposeful, 

What will you gain?
By the end of the experience, you will be able to…

  • Design and facilitate key organizational meetings that get results.

  • Help folks in your meetings tackle real issues, stay on point and make the needed decisions.

  • Use collaborative tools and techniques to increase engagement and meeting productivity.

  • Develop more collaborative leadership behaviors.


Who should attend?

Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders with a desire to change meetings in their organizations into more effective, productive opportunities for real work to happen.  Each class is limited to 16 people.


What can you expect?

  • You'll receive an email about 1 month before the workshop containing all the info you need to know, including pre-work. 

  • The 3-day intensive workshop provides a safe environment for leaders to learn and practice facilitation disciplines, tools and techniques. 

  • A healthy breakfast & lunch will be provided. 

  • All 3-days will run from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

If you are interested in attending a workshop in 2020, sign up now*.

*No payment is required at this time.  When 10 people have signed up, we will schedule the workshop.

Workshop Pricing:

  • $1,600 per person

  • Includes everything needed for the training, plus a light breakfast and healthy lunch each day   




“As a $200 million enterprise, we thought we knew a thing or two about effective meetings and facilitation. But as it turns out, what we do know needs to be forgotten. We finally now have the skills and expertise to leverage across our enterprise.”

Jay Steinfield, CEO/Founder