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Do you have more work than time?  Do you struggle with team accountability?  Do your meetings go off-track making it difficult to get the results you need?  Gain the facilitation skills you need to become more effective and shift your organizational culture.

The Executive Facilitator Academy

A journey to create conscious competence around collaboration skills needed to facilitate tough executive-level meetings and conversations. This workshop is offered both in-person and virtually. More...

Meetings That Don't Suck

To schedule a "Meetings That Don't Suck" workshop for your organization or get put on the waiting list for an upcoming class, click here.


Part 1: The Basics

A 3.5-hour interactive, workshop to​ explore 3 foundational concepts that will assure your meetings are engaging, intentional, purposeful and deliver value to the organization.  

  • Minimum class size: 6 people

  • $425/person

Part 2 & 3: Beyond the Basics

These workshops build on the basics with facilitation skills & techniques for managing tough meeting dynamics and team decision-making.

  • Minimum class size: 6 people

  • Each workshop is 3.5 hours

  • $425/person

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